Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Dash Cam

Is a dash cam necessary? Why this is necessary?

Truck drivers should know everything about a dashboard camera. We’ll learn the benefits of dash cam on this page that allure a driver’s mind to install this in his vehicle.

Actually, a dash cam is not a thing to allure anybody’s mind; it is very much essential for various reasons. The dashboard camera is designed to view and record all details including sound and images. More specifically, it records videos of each side of the truck or any vehicle you drive.

Top 10 Benefits of Dash Cam

Does a dash cam offer only 10 benefits? Not like that, actually a dash cam offers numerous benefits and we realize that in different situations. However, every driver should be aware of the benefits listed below as these are indispensable for them.

1. A Good Driving Teacher  

If you drive your own vehicle, review the footage after coming back to home. Find if there is any inconsistency in your driving. And later, make sure to correct them. Thus, a dash cam can make you a good driver.

The dashboard camera is also helpful for parents. They can monitor their teenager’s driving skill. Parents tend to use front and rare dash camera in the vehicle for teenager.

Using multiple cameras let the parents to review all the surroundings and the inner side of the vehicle as well. If you are parents, tell your children what they should improve. Ensure proper practice for them to enhance the necessary skills.

Many teenagers’ activities are not accepted as good drivers. Monitor what’s going on inside the truck. Are they attentive? If not, ask them to be more attentive while driving.

A dash cam is not less than an ideal driving teacher!

2. Your Strong Witness

Millions of drivers invest money and effort on dashboard cameras every year. Why? – Because this can help them as a powerful witness when necessary.

How long does it take for an accident? Maybe within a second or, we actually cannot count! A vehicle collision can occur without any prior notification. So, there is no human witness who can support a driver in the case of legal actions.

A dash cam starts recording video footage when the engine starts. If the truck is involved in an accident, the footage taken by the dash camera will work as evidence. The real-time recordings are straight-to-the-point and efficient proof.

It will show who is guilty and who the victim is. If the footage proves that the other driver was wrong, then you will be capable to defend yourself. The guilty parties are liable to pay for any necessary repairs and relevant costs.

Therefore, without a dash cam (a perfect witness), you cannot prove that you are right and you drive carefully on the road.

3. Fraud Prevention

In the various benefits of a dash cam, fraud prevention is of course very important. There is a variety of fraud practices applied on the road nowadays. Some drivers intentionally cause truck accidents. It is because to give the blame on other drivers. It helps the swindler to extract some money from the sufferer.

The fraud drivers may also present his fake injury or, at least tell that he has got an injury on the back. They do it to get the enchanting insurance money from the insurance authority.

These drivers may ask to pay for the treatment and other relevant compensation too. Ridiculously (but sorry for the victim), they tell about some injuries that cannot be detected even by X-rays like back pain.

The innocent driver has nothing to do if the dash cam is not installed. In this situation, only the footage from a dash cam can save your money. It keeps you safe from very nasty harassment as well.

4. Stay Safe from the Ticket

Do not think that the law enforcement officer always takes the right steps. An officer can stop you because of a traffic violation that you actually did not commit.

You can show the dash cam videos to the officer. If he does not like to watch that, show the footage to the court to contest the written ticket.

Bad driving record can raise your insurance rates. It is better not to receive any ticket from the law enforcement officer. Video proof by the dash cam can keep you safe from harassment and disgusting truck insurance surcharge.

5. Insurance Fraud Prevention

This is an amazing benefit of dash cam.

In the 21st century’s vehicles and traffic system, insurance fraud is a common problem in the USA. Insurance companies are directly affected by the fraud. And the honest driver earns really the worst experience.

Some fraud drivers have invented various ways to cheat other honest drivers. According to the FBI, the value of insurance fraud every year is not less than $40 billion.

The authority of Mercury Insurance explains that they use dash cam footage to combat insurance fraud very successfully. If the collision seems a personal attack or intentional accident, then that becomes simply a personal injury claim.

A dash cam is no doubt an important recommendation and valuable investment to prevent fraudsters. If your vehicle is involved in an accident, just show the real-time footage to the insurance company or court. With the catching of fraud, it will finally lessen your vehicle insurance rates.

6. Reporting Irresponsible Drivers

Many drivers share the same road simultaneously. All drivers are not responsible. You will always find some reckless drivers who put the lives of innocent passengers and other drivers at risk.

If you want to report any irresponsible behavior of the reckless driver to the police, they must ask for the proper evidence. Without proper evidence, you cannot complain against any driver. So, what is the way to report bad drivers?

The footage of dash cam efficiently helps to complain against undisciplined drivers. Even if you present yourself as the witness, the police may not believe it. They consider it as a personal issue.

Give them recorded footage so that they can take steps against a reckless driver and make the road safer for everyone.

7. Some Great Memories

If you love to travel with your loving mate or alone, you may experience some amazing moments that you would like to save for the future. This is a great way to remember your adventurous days and perceive peace even when you are lonely.

Alright, you can turn your journey into unforgettable memories with a high-quality dashboard camera. A dash cam allows you to record the entire journey. The captured videos will allure your mind over the years. Moreover, you can share your taken videos for people all over the world through the Internet.

New places, amazing nature, wild animals, and more new stuff will enrich your experiences. Using a dash cam to capture all these things is really an excellent way to gather great memories.

8. Parking Accident Prevention

As a driver or owner, you are always concerned about the safety of your vehicle. It is fine to know the condition of your vehicle when you are away. Also at night, you would feel peace of mind if you know that your vehicle is safe in the parking lot.

Well, the modern dash cam is designed to capture videos all day long. No matter if the engine is turned off or your vehicle is parked. You are able to control the camera from a particular distance.

Moreover, an ideal dash cam can send footage to your laptop. If you find the truck is damaged, you can easily identify the person who did this. You can protect your vehicle and reduce expenses through your dash cam.

9. Unbelievable Events

YouTube is loaded with various unbelievable events. They are not recorded intentionally or in a planned way. Most of them are recorded without any preparation which means suddenly.

If you have a dashboard camera installed in your truck, you cannot imagine how incredible things are captured daily. Maybe you will find something abnormal and astonishing too.

Crazy crashes, funny driving, car chases, and many sudden incidents occur on the road. There is no ideal way to capture them without a dash cam. The advantage is that you can share them over the Internet and let people know.

It is also not bad to get lots of views and laud. This can also help people to be aware of numerous social issues. So, just utilize your truck dash cam.

10. Evidence of Crime

Among many advantages of dash cam, this is another vital point. A dash cam is called ‘another pair of eyes’, basically when you drive your truck. What you do not notice, the dash cam does.

Crime occurs daily and never in our expected time. So, there is no authentic evidence to detect the guilty persons and the innocent. It may happen that a crime scene is recorded when you are driving. It helps the court and the innocent people too.

Or, think that your vehicle was parked and a serious crime took place. No available witness, only your dash cam footage can be supportive to find out the criminals.

Disadvantages of A Dash Cam

Every product has its own drawbacks, maybe less or more. No exception for dash cam too! So, is there anything disadvantages of dash cam? Let’s take a look.

Dash cam video footage is strong evidence of an accident. It works efficiently in most of the times. But does it record every point surrounding you and your vehicle? Maybe not (mostly for older versions)! Human witness always does better and over dependence on the dash cam footage is not a good decision.

Consider another thing; you’re presenting the footage as the evidence of an accident. But the video shows that your fault causes the accident. What an awkward moment!

There are many drivers who focus too much on dash cams mounted in their vehicles. It could be a dangerous thing. This leads to distraction for drivers. And at the end, distraction can cause serious accidents.

Dashboard cameras are not allowed in every country, even in every state of the USA. For an instance, Massachusetts prohibits to take video footage of other persons without their permission. When you’re using a dash cam, you’re actually capturing videos of many incidents without the consent of the associated people.

In this state, you can be charged, arrested, or fined to record activities of someone without necessary authorization. It is important to know the dash cam laws by state when you’re travelling a new state.

Using dash cam in different countries is also controlled by particular law. Austria forbids dash cams. Switzerland strongly discourages to use dash cam as the country is more concerned about data protection.

In Germany, sharing video footage (taken by dashboard camera) on the Internet is a serious violation of privacy.

Bottom Line

No doubt, after knowing the benefits of dash cam, you’re now considering buying a dash cam for your vehicle. A dash cam is an excellent investment. Though there are a few drawbacks, they’re the things to simply ignore.

Most of the trucks on the road use dashboard cameras. It has been a gadget for a truck that without this the truck is incomplete. Making your driving safe, secure, and enjoyable, don’t forget to install a dash cam in your truck and other vehicles.

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