Best Accessories For Truck 2020 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Ever since the introduction of trucks in the motor industry, it has been the most purchased vehicle throughout the world and especially in the United States. Once bought, the sheer availability of customizing it to match personal requirements makes it more famous. All thanks to the wide variety of accessory options available in the market.

From tool storage and truck bed canopies to floor mats and seat defenders, there are numerous truck accessories to pump up your road engine. In this article, we will talk about the best accessories that you can buy. But before we go over to some truck accessories, there are a few things that we need to discuss first. 


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Two key tips to keep in mind while buying truck accessories

Truck is a versatile vehicle that people can use both for commercial and personal purposes. However, trucks do not always come with everything that you might require. That is why to maintain the truck’s fitness as well as compatibility, you might have to add some pickup truck accessories. While looking for truck accessories online, keep these two key points in mind before you shop for accessories and other products to ensure a positive experience.. 


  • The Price

Without any maintenance, it is futile to shop quality truck accessories from well-known brands. Customers often look for websites that offer truck accessories at a cheaper rate. However, the maintenance cost and service charges behind these low-quality truck accessories or parts prove to be higher over time. To shop the best truck products, you should invest reasonably in good quality accessories. This ensures the quality of the accessories and instantly lessens the need for frequent maintenance. 


  • The Service

Buying high-priced truck accessories online is not the only criteria that will make it a perfect fit. A truck owner even needs to think about the servicing requirements of the products that they are buying. Starting from manufacturer’s instructions to customer experience reviews, you need to have a fair knowledge about the maintenance requirements of the accessories on a regular basis to get the best of them. You also need to have ideas about many different brands that manufacture truck accessories. It would help you to compare between a variety of brands and understand which brands will suit your requirements. 

This way, you can easily purchase pickup truck accessories sensibly if you follow the above-mentioned pointers. 


Essential Truck Accessories That One Should Own

Whether you are planning to purchase a truck or already have one, you must shop for some truck accessories essentials. These accessories will not only add value to your truck by complementing various features, but it will also help you to work with your truck with more ease. Here is a brief list of the best truck accessories that you can install in any truck make and model. So, let us take a look at them. 


  • Truck Bed Covers

Considered as one of the most essential pickup truck accessories, people use a truck bed cover to cover the bed of the vehicle when the climate is bad. It is a must have truck gear for pickup truck owners who have a lot of important cargo stored in their open truck bed. It helps to keep the truck bed clean, and provide a more distinguished look to the truck bed. A truck bed cover can even be called a tonneau cover. The best thing about truck bed accessories is that covers come in a lot of styles and designs. 


  • Bug Deflectors

A huge stone or bug can cause severe damage to the vehicle. However, these damages can be easily avoided by installing bug deflector accessories. It is one of the best truck accessories that you can opt for to not only prevent accidents but also expensive dents. The bug deflector covers the truck hood’s front edge and protects it from lots of hazardous elements like gravel, stones, sand, and many others while driving. Like most pickup truck parts, deflectors come in effective aerodynamic designs that allow for effortless waxing and cleaning. 


  • Bull Bars & Grille Guards

Protecting the front end of your truck is crucial for preventing damages like wear and tear, dings, and dents that occur from minor collisions. Bull bars and grille guards are the most effective yet cheap off road mods that you can buy to protect your truck. The main difference is that bull bars protect the middle part of the vehicle’s front while the grille guards will cover the whole front end, which is your truck’s engine. A grille guard can be wrapped around the headlights as a protective screen. These things make a perfect match for any truck modification solution as it offers protection from the outside environment. 


  • Window Deflectors

These truck accessories are protruding structures mounted on the upper side of the truck doors to prevent the rain from getting inside the truck when the windows are slightly opened. There are two types of deflectors, stick-on, and in-channel. If you are looking for truck performance upgrades, then buying a pair of them is super helpful as they change the aerodynamics of the truck. Moreover, these are semi truck parts that you can easily buy from the internet. Just search for truck performance parts and accessories to check-out some cool window deflectors. 


  • Cowl Panels

A cowl panel is a universal vehicle accessory that encloses the gap between the truck’s windshield and hood. It protects the area that comes between the hood and the windshield. This way, it ensures that no dirt can get inside the cabin filter space or windshield wiper system. These accessories help to prevent leaves debris from damaging the interior of your truck. On the other hand, you also need to clean their cowl panels frequently to avoid grime, mulch and dirt from accumulating. If you do not have one already, search for a truck accessories store near me on the internet to get yours right away.  


  • Bumpers

Truck bumpers are specialized accessories that provide your truck with a more tough and rough look. Bumpers are available both for the rear, and front end of your truck. They are divided into multiple categories like heavy-duty bumpers, wire mesh bumpers, bull bars, and more. These accessories are made from a wide range of materials such as rubber, fiberglass, and more. An advantage of buying bumpers made from heavier materials is that they can withstand higher impacts compared to the lighter ones. A bumper is a must-have if you want robust truck accessories.


  • Spray-in Truck Bedliner

Spray-in truck bed liners will prepare the truck’s bed surface and paint it with a special coating. This sprayed-on coating provides a textured exterior on the truck bed that keeps it protected from getting scratched and scuffed up by the cargo or tool box during the loading and unloading process. In addition to it, these truck bed liners also prevent the cargo and heavy loads from sliding around. Since spray-on truck bed liners are costly accessories, you would require a technician with expert knowledge to do the job so that you do not mess up your truck bed by doing it on your own. In case you want to go for something less complicated than bed liners, you can even buy floor mats or standard truck bed covers. 


  • Running Boards

Also known as footboards and nerf bars, these accessories offer a convenient step for passengers who are exiting and entering tall vehicles. Running boards have a flat profile and they run along the truck cabin’s sides, right under the doors. A nerf bar accessory is important for those who want something to offer them more ground clearance for their truck. They also work as an added protection from mud, rocks, and other such debris that flies up and hits the door while driving. Their alternative version, a bed step is fitted under the truck bed to offer more room for cargo handling. 


With these accessory options for your truck at your disposal, it would be easy for you to transform your road engine into an amazing multi-purpose vehicle. Even buying some of these accessories will help you to enjoy the full potential of your truck. What’s more is that incorporating everything on this list to your truck will not only make your truck stronger and work harder, but they will also boost the truck’s resale value. 


Now that you have a fair info about the different selection of accessories that you need for your pickups, we have prepared a list of the best truck accessories from trusted brands. Buying them would be the perfect way to accessorize your pick-up vehicles. 


Top 9 best accessories to buy for your truck


Zento Deals Black Mesh Three Pocket Trunk Cargo Organizer Storage Net

A messy truck bed is not only an unpleasant sight, but it also makes it difficult for the person to organize their cargo accordingly. This tool box from Zento comes with three pocket options that help to organize the cargo such as books, bags, groceries, tools, and other items. It has been designed specifically to fit every truck bed type.

Basic Features

The net can be altered from forty-four inches to fifty-six inches in width and has a depth of twelve inches and a height of twelve inches. These storage accessories are made from a premium quality mesh material that gives the organizer a long-lasting life.    


  • It is a cost-effective storage organizer compared to a lot of its contemporaries.
  • Anyone can detach it easily from the truck bed for washing.  


  • Requires drilling to be attached to the truck bed. 

Final Verdict

It is a cost-effective and efficient storage organizer that someone can buy to keep their truck bed tidy and clean. It is black and pairs well with any tonneau cover color. Rated with 5 stars by most buyers, this brand will become one of your best purchases.


Undercover SwingCase Truck Bed Storage Box | SC100D | Fits 07-20 2007-& Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra 1500-3500Drivers Side 1500-3500

Compatible with numerous truck make and model, this offers a robust cargo storage solution for your truck bed. It is a portable, removable, and swinging utility case that makes it a perfect match for commercial use. It comes with a one year guarantee, so if you do not like it after buying you can easily hand it back to the manufacturer. 

Basic Features: 

It offers a quick-release latch system that enables the tool box to swing out almost one-eighty degrees towards the tailgate of the truck bed. It can even return to its locking position to offer maximum truck bed access. It is made from ABS plastic that can absorb high impacts. SwingCase is custom fit, weather-resistant, and tough for every truck type. 


  • It is available both for passenger and driver side placement, perfect for pickup trucks.  
  • It comes with a versatile, secure pop-lock system. This pop-lock does not require a key for locking it. 
  • The toolbox has an efficient perimeter moisture seal that ensures the items remain protected and dry in the truck bed. 


  • If the truck has rubber bed liners, they have to be trimmed. The brackets cannot be installed directly on the bed liners.
  • A few buyers complained that they had to cut slots on their truck’s bed rugs edges. 

Final Verdict

Although it is expensive, the SwingCase does not only work as a storage utility but it also ensures that the products inside the box are safe and secure at all times with its pop lock system. Unlike other storage accessories and toolboxes, this one is complemented with cup holders that will prevent any risk your drinks from spilling on the bed liner. 


Rola 59001 M.O.V.E. Rigid-Base Trunk Organizer, Customizable Storage, Removable 

An effective, smart truck organizer that can be used to store valuables, tools, medical items, sports equipment, travel accessories, snacks, towels and more and keep the trunk clutter-free. It has been specially built extra-large to offer added storage for a wide range of vehicles. 

Basic Features:

It comes with a fold-flat style and a rigid base that provides easy storage. It is made from a non-slip material that prevents the stored products from sliding off from the truck floor during fast cornering or sudden stops. The interior cases of the box are moveable, which makes storing any type of item more easy. The exterior mesh pockets provide additional storage room where one can keep lightweight items. 


  • The handles are sturdy which further ensures the durability of the storage box. 
  • When folded, the width and height stay the same. It can even fit under the back seat of the truck. 


  • The product is not water-resistant or waterproof. Hence, it should not be installed on the truck floor bed to avoid water damage. 
  • Some buyers have faced fitting complications. 

Final Verdict:

These organizer kits have a brilliant design layout that can be changed according to the user’s requirements. As it is made from sturdy matter, it has a long lifeline. Someone can even grab something easily from these organizer kits without having to look for it everywhere in their truck bed. 


MAXXHAUL Black 70270 Hollow Shaft Triple Ball Mount

Designed to fit every model and type of pickup truck, this towing accessory can be used from towing cars to trailers easily. It is made from heavy duty steel to comply with commercial work. 

Basic Features:

It has been constructed to suit regular Class III as well as Class IV receivers. It has a 2”x2’ shaft that makes fitting easy and fast. Each hitch ball piece has its size stamped on them for easy identification. Although it is hollow from inside, it is strong and comes with welded steel balls. 


  • The hitches are coated with black powder colors to resist corrosion and rust. 
  • It complies with all SAE security standards. 
  • It can be attached to any receiver size of 2-inches. 


  • The product does not come with a clip and a pin. 

Final Verdict

Buyers had an overall satisfactory result after buying this hitch. It can be used on any truck type and easy to install. However, some buyers have reported that it is better used for short tows than long tows as the ball mount is a bit floppy.


Titan 8′ Pair of Truck Loading Ramps for Motorcycles and Recreational Vehicles

This lightweight combo of tramps from Titan has been made from corrosion-resistant substance to offer buyers with years of service and maintenance-free use. Moreover, the foldable and flexible style of the ramp makes it durable and portable. 

Basic Features:

It has a special arched style that allows for better clearance compared to other products. It even features serrated crossbows that offer great traction even during wet weather conditions. And, for better security, there are safety anchors present which keeps the cargo in place even during rough terrains. 


  • It has a heavy-duty loading capacity of 1,200 pounds. 
  • It is lightweight and easy to lift. 


  • Some customers have complained that the ramps require a paint job after a few weeks of using. 

Final Verdict:

These wheel ramps can be used on any vehicle type without any hassle. The hooks do not leave scratches or bite into the truck bed liner area, hence saving your money. The only problem people might face is that it comes with hooks on one side only. 


Truck Luggage B-Light Tonneau Lighting System | 1704523 | Under rail truck bed lighting system

This flexible LED lighting strip comes with a 3-meter adhesive backing. It can be placed anywhere in the truck such as the truck bed, toolbox, closet, and more. Buyers need to use AA batteries to power the system. 

Basic Features:

The lighting system is 36-inch long. The system does not require any wiring. Users can simply peel the sticker off and paste it no matter where they want. Moreover, the product is waterproof which makes them suitable for any weather. 


  • The lights are so bright that they can be fitted under the back seat to illuminate the floor area. 
  • Easy to install and requires no drilling on the truck bed.


  • For some the lights were too strong for their eyes. 

Final Verdict: 

The adhesive is strong and stays put even on a tonneau cover. In addition to that, it also comes with switches and a port set that saves the customer from any additional expenses. 


“Diamond Plate Rubber Flooring Rolls, 3mm x 4ft Wide Rolls

A well-rounded choice, this rubber protector mat from Rubber-Cal is one of the best mats available in the market. It has been classically designed from high-quality styrene-butadiene rubber. Buyers can use these mats as a tonneau cover because of its anti-slip, and non-corrosive properties.  

Basic Features:

Available in various lengths and a four feet width, this mat offers plenty of friction. These mats have a thickness of ⅛-inch that offers a protective cushioning layer to the truck floor against impacts and works as a shock absorber during a bumpy ride. So, if you have a delicate or slippery truck bed, it will keep your valuable contents from falling, and control the wear and tear of your truck bed over course of time. 


  • It is durable, tough, and a rigid bed liner that protects the bed from dog hair. 
  • Simple D-I-Y installation.
  • No worries about maintenance and cleaning at home. 


  • Some customers faced smelling issues. 

Final Verdict:

Available at low prices, these floor mats are the perfect buy for those who want something to give their pickup truck bed an industrial appearance. It safeguards everything on the truck bed, and provides protection to the truck bed for a long time. 


Titan Ramps 7.5ft Aluminum Ramp ATV Lawn Mower Snow Blower Loading, Bonus Safety Straps 1500 lb Capacity

If you have a four-wheel vehicle like a suv and want to transfer it to an amazing truck trailer, then this is the one for you. It can be used for both long and short trips as the ramps have an arched layout that offers optimal clearance, promising a smooth and swift lift always. 

Basic Features

These tools can be paired with almost all mid-sized s like 4-wheeler and ATV models. They are even complemented with heavy-duty load anchors that will set the ramps firmly to the tailgates. 


  • Foldable ramps for easy transportation.
  • Lightweight, offering fast and no-trouble operation. 
  • It has rubber-tipped fingers to provide extra security. 


  • Some customers complained that the aluminum plate was thin. 

 Final Verdict:

No other ramp compares in portability, affordability, and quality. This pair of truck bed tools are a necessity if you have to take a long ride every day. They are as versatile and sturdy as it gets. 


BedRug Bed Mat BMX00D fits 66″ X 98″ UNIVERSAL UNIVERSAL SIZE – 66×98 – You cut to fit

Designed for factory every truck bed type, it is the best spray-in liner gear. The manufacturer offers a number of customizing options to suit the buyer’s make and model and it even provides the perfect feel and look of the carpet. This truck bed cover offers an ultra-tough but smooth work station. 

Basic Features:

It is made from 100% polypropylene product that gives these tonneau covers a long life. BedRug’s tonneau covers come with a cushioned foam and non-skid exterior that keeps all the products in the truck bed safe from any damage. The mat is UV resistant and waterproof which makes it compatible for any weather type. 


  • These liners are chemical, bleach, oil, and gas resistant. 
  • Beginners can easily install the mat on their truck bed. 


  • The truck owner would need to drill their vehicle to position it properly.  

Final Verdict

This is one of the best brands that offer amazing products that you can buy for your truck. This floor liner does not have a typical plastic smell and can be easily cut to suit any truck bed size and shape. Using tools like these will give your truck a brand new commercial and robust appearance. 


Wrapping Up

To give your truck body a more comprehensive and personalized appearance, you must buy some truck accessories. These are some of the most popular brands and accessories that you can buy to increase your truck’s effectiveness. Whether you want to accessorize your truck bed with bed liners, or you want something to provide added protection to your truck bed, this brief list will surely help you to find the perfect product. 




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