Best Bluetooth Headset For Truckers – A Complete Buyer’s Guide

When you’re on road driving your truck along the endless highways in an eerie weather, you can never afford to take your eyes off the road, right? But what are you going to do when you get a call, say, from the wife – or worse, mom? It will be something like nightmare!

Letting their phone calls go to the voicemail can be threatening to your life. So, why not go hands-free while on road?

Well, the best solution for a truck driver to make and receive every phone call in various driving conditions in the middle and still remain free from danger is a trucker Bluetooth headset. Now do your bit, and focus on experts’ reference of best bluetooth earpiece options.

Best Bluetooth Headsets for Truckers: Reviews

There are many good and average bluetooth headsets often available, and we know that you might find it difficult to choose the right one for the best price. So, we have for you the perfect list of the best bluetooth headsets from the top companies that is going to serve your purposes and have reasonable price tags.

1. BlueParrott B450-XT Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headset

The number one and most impressive of bluetooth headsets included on our products listing that you can buy, is the BlueParrott B450-XT, which is one of the best Bluetooth headsets for a truck driver who is stuck on long and lonely highways or distances. That’s because the Blue Parrott B450-XT headset offers an extremely long battery life at the highest volume! This product is an ultimate combination of attractive design and highest comfort level. This best thing for the price by BlueParrott company is state-of-the-art and pays attention to be the ideal for truckers. If you’ve an eye for a headset of more than 11 hours of talk time within a budget, then look for nothing else than this.


  • It uses the latest technology to make it an all-rounder at a great price.
  • Enjoy walking around while being able talk with focus, thanks to the long bluetooth connectivity range.
  • It’s very light and soft and comfortable fit with cushions for a person to wear all day while driving on the road without any trouble.
  • You can enjoy talking, free from any interruptions of the outside noisy environment with this bluetooth earpiece.
  • Converse without worrying about safety issues as it’s encrypted and secure.


  • It provides a talk time of more than 24 hours with long battery life; standby time of average 20 days
  • Wireless connection range of 300 m with Class 1 devices
  • As the title suggests, noise canceling mic reduces noise up to 96%
  • Large size and soft foam ear cushions with padded headband along with microphone foam windscreen for ultimate comfort
  • Pairing with two or more devices simultaneously (up to eight allowed)
  • Its blue light indicator flashes blue when battery is fully charged.


  • Over-ear headphone and not around the neck, though with a cushy and comfy ear cushion
  • It does not come with extra microphone windscreen which is a problem.

Why Is This Included On Our Top Pick List?

Here are the reasons, why we think VXI BlueParrott B450 XT is a bluetooth headset of high quality and deserves to be in the choice of the best bluetooth headsets:

  • One-Touch Control

The product comes with the Parrott Button that can be customized to be able to suit all your needs while driving on road. With just one touch of your finger, you can easily access the commonly used features like speed dial, mute, take phone calls, and much more.This multi-function button is your go-to button to take call as you like or have a drive free from interruptions – with just one button.

  • BlueParrott App

The functionality of the vxi b450 earpiece can increase with the help of the BlueParrott App. You can find options to converse with someone you want without exhausting plan minutes. In addition, this companion application also reads your text messages for you – meaning no distractions while driving on road! It’s one awesome bluetooth headset at an attractive price tag!

  • High Quality of Performance

The B450-XT bluetooth headset is a result of several spells of upgradation, making it technologically up-to-date to meet all your needs on the go. It comes with high durability with an IP54 rating. You can install the firmware updates while you’re on the road. Its battery performance is also commendable one. You’ll get the all the latest features of Bluetooth head phones with this product.

2. Plantronics Voyager Legend Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Plantronics Voyager Legend is a brand that pays attention to unmatched sound clarity at an affordable price. This bluetooth headset comes with a three-microphone attribute that allows you to enjoy calls free from unnecessary background noise. Pair it up with any major cell phone and manage all your phone calls on your cell phone using only vocal control. Also, the product design is fit for both right and left ear. Plus, enjoy incredible battery life with this Bluetooth headset!


  • It takes only 90 minutes to charge fully with hassle-free USB charging and supports long talking time without recharging.
  • Its wideband sound support and reliable winder connectivity range offer superior audio.
  • It has ability to recognize your voice and responds to simple vocal commands to operate calls.
  • This bluetooth earpiece has moisture-resistant coating and hence, perfect for outdoor activities.
  • It reads mails, newsletter, and more for you and gives you access to intelligent voice assistants like Google, siri etc.


  • Intelligent Sensor’s ability to detect when you’re wearing the headset
  • Talk time of 7 hours; standby time of average 11 days (approx 200 hours)
  • Bluetooth range of 10 m
  • Stylish and sleek design with long battery life is beyond comments!
  • Separates your voice from background sounds of up to 80 decibels
  • Unique technology for better acoustics, music experience and sound transmission for tech-nerd people
  • Can interact with voice assistants like Cortana, Siri or Google Now just by pressing the call button.


  • Connectivity issues with handset may falter beyond 10 feet

Why This Included On Our Top Pick List of best bluetooth headsets?

Here is the reason what makes the Voyager Legend one of our favorite options:

  • Intelligent Sensors

This bluetooth headset has the advanced Sensor with which it can easily detect when you place the device on your ear. So, it is something that will automatically start operating at its best and answering your phone. Similarly, when you set the earpiece down, it will redirect the audio to your cell phone. Now that’s a pretty neat function, right?

  • Distinct Calls

It offers a two-way noise cancellation system for an uninterrupted conversation. Thanks to its ultimate noise reduction technology that does not just block unnecessary sounds for you when you’re on a call. With convenience of its triple microphone strength, it is also able to optimize your voice and convey it distinctly to the opposite person by separating it from 80 decibels of ambient noise.

  • Hassle-Free Voice Commands

The bluetooth earpiece speakers will announce the name of the incoming caller when you’re wearing it, and you can answer or decline calls on your cellphone using simple commands while you keep your hands completely free to do your job at ease. All you have to do is say “Answer” or “Ignore” to accept or decline an incoming call. Easy, isn’t it?

3. Mpow Pro Trucker Bluetooth Headset/Cell Phone Headset

The next one of our preference is the Mpow Pro Trucker Bluetooth Headset that can pair two device simultaneously. It’s another over-the-head earpiece designed for truck drivers who are on the road and don’t want to miss any phone call. With exceptionally long-lasting battery life, and feather weight, you will rest be able to use it for several days to handle occasional conversations or listen to music players, without having to worry about charging cables!


  • It’s engineered for long hours of usage throughout the day.
  • With the buttons alongside, you can easily pair it with any device, in the very first go .
  • It’s designed to be compliant with Radiofrequency devices.
  • With a USB point, this device is super easy to charge.
  • Use it on any of the ears, thanks to the 330-degree rotation of the mic. 


  • Talk time of 12 hours; standby time of 8 days
  • Wireless range of 9 m
  • Pairing with two devices (android and ios) possible for this bluetooth earpiece at the same time
  • Innovative design and technology to care for people with taste
  • Great for professional use, as well 


  • Not designed for listening to music or podcast, can be a concern 

Why Is This On Our Top Pick List?
Here’s why we love Mpow Pro Trucker Bluetooth Headset:

  • Comfortable 

This weight of the headphone is less than 50 grams, which makes it a lot lighter than even an egg! In addition, the headband is flexible. Besides the material of the earphone, the earbuds have extra-soft cushioning for your all-day comfort. So, even though this is an over-the-head set, you will not face any inconvenience during long conversations. It offers customized comfort. The product design is fit for both right and left ear.

  • Amazing Sound Quality

This headset is designed with a mic to offer 4 times clearer sound (voices) during calls – for everyone. That means it not only makes your caller sound quality a lot clear but also takes your voice clearly to the other end. The mic is specially engineered to pick your voice. Plus, with noise canceling power, both ends enjoy uninterrupted chats. Definitely a clever pick for your money!

  • Easy Setup

This headset is easy to use and set up, even for new users. The Bluetooth connectivity is so strong that it pairs with any device in the first attempt like tabs, laptops, and computers. You can even set it up with relevant software to use it for Skype calls and other online conferences.

4. AMINY UFO Bluetooth Headset

The brand of AMINY UFO headset is another our favorite pick among the rest. It is one of the best bluetooth headset gadgets for anyone who love to indulge in music when they’re not driving on road and facing boredom. The sound quality is incredible, both on the mic and the earpiece. This trucker headset comes with 2 pods for each ear. It’s not too heavy and comfortable fit also with high end features.


  • Instead of one battery, it’s powered with two, which means double the talking time!
  • Stable comparability and top-notch clarity make it perfect for both music and calls.
  • The headset is uniquely engineered to fit your ear smoothly with ultimate voice quality.
  • This headset allows you to talk to the intelligent voice assistants like Siri or Google Assistant.
  • Don’t worry about splash or sweat, since it’s moisture-proof.


  • Ergonomic design with a 3 points support system for better comfort
  • The headset charges within 1-2 hours.
  • 11 hours -16 hours of talk time in total supported by the two batteries
  • Supports easy pairing with all Bluetooth devices, including laptops
  • Crisp and crystal clear sound of calls
  • supports voice assistants like google, siri


  • Only downside is – no trouble-shooting information given on the package

Why Is This On Our Top Pick List?
Here’s everything that puts this bluetooth headset on our list:

  • Smart Features

This Bluetooth earpiece is engineered to go beyond the standard features and give you a true HD microphone through which you can access voice assistants for example – siri or google assistant on iPhone, Google etc. when you establish connections between the headphone and a supported device. You can also use these bluetooth headsets to access GPS directions and for audio streaming.

  • Double-Battery Strength

It comes with two lithium-ion batteries, each of which supports a talking time of 8 hours. This means that you can use a total of 16 hours of talking time with a single charge. So, with its you can enjoy using the bluetooth headset for long time without worrying because you always have a backup. What’s more, each battery takes anything from 1 to 2 hours to recharge!

  • Incredible Music Quality

The built-in microphone of this headgear is omnidirectional and allows exceptionally smooth voice transmission when you’re playing any song at the peak volume. With amazing audio adjustment technology, the immersive sound and the clear acoustics give you an ultra-realistic audio experience and live upto high standards. Plus, the stable bluetooth connection ensures that there’s no interruption or issue while you’re engrossed in your favorite song or podcasts.

5. VOYAGER 5200 UC Headset by Plantronics

The Voyager 5200 UC is a trucker Bluetooth headset of high quality and is the second product from the house of the Plantronics brand on our list. It’s an upgradation of the 5200 model which was Bluetooth v4.1 supported where the UC version is Bluetooth v5.0 supported. It offers a set of no-frills features and caters to all the basic needs of every truck driver that are required to maintain focus on the road. Like Plantronics m70, this headset is feather-weight and fit comfortably, and you can hear Alexa talking through this device. Of course, note that its battery life also makes it the perfect equipment for every truck driver!


  • It’s an upgradation of the 5200 model which supports Bluetooth v4.1, especially for those who spend hours on noisy roads or environments.
  • It comes with a nano-coating that protects it from moisture.
  • Enjoy noise protection and undisturbed conversation with superior audio for both callers.
  • When you’re not using it, you can store and carry it in its recharging case.
  • Attractive design with accessories


  • Built-in characteristic to connect you with Alexa.
  • Bluetooth range of 30 m
  • Settings Compatible with all smartphones and Bluetooth devices
  • Feather-weight and comfortable to wear earpiece.
  • Talk time of up to 6 hours – 7 hours with one-time charge
  • Easy connection with PC, desk phone, and smartphone
  • Supports USB cable Charging


  • Can have some problem a few times during initial connection
  • major downside is its limited controls

Why Is This On Our Top Pick List?
Here’s what we like about this product:-

  1. a) Extreme Noise Cancellation

The Voyager 5200 UC from Plantronics company is the ultimate Bluetooth headset for truckers, as it is capable of battling with all kinds of background sounds. It also has a four microphones design around the boom and 6 levels of Windsmart technology settings for the ultimate noise canceling when a honking car or wind passes by the highway.

  1. b) Connected to Alexa

Apart from using this thing for regular activities like dialing and attending calls, it would help you in other ways to stay connected with Alexa, virtual assistant of Amazon. This helps you get the chance to access messages, read the news, play music, and control intelligent devices in your home. You can use voice control commands through the microphone to do so much more for a change!

  1. c) Charging Case

The headset comes with a case that has a rugged kind of look, with a grippy surface. It’s the perfect accessory to match your outdoorsy personality. What’s more, it is also enabled to charge your headset with the help of a USB port. So if you prefer charging your headset via USB this will be the perfect product for you.

What are these Trucker Bluetooth Headsets Reviews Based on?

The things we considered for the best Bluetooth headsets for truck drivers are:

  • Value: The features of the truckers Bluetooth headsets are checked and matched with the market price.
  • Quality: Information about the manufacturing process and parts of bluetooth headsets is researched thoroughly.
  • Feedback: Besides trying and testing the headset, the reactions of long-time users are collected based on site ratings.

You’re in luck if you find all these three qualities any models.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Bluetooth Headset

You’re now armed with the best Bluetooth headsets from our list. However, do you know how to purchase the right product for yourself? What should be the prior factor? If you’re a truck driver choosing a wireless headset, there are certain qualities that you can use with freedom while you’re on the highway. Some of the top line features that you should look for, in earphones are as follows:

  • Sound Quality: 

Needless to say, the most important feature for choosing any one of the best bluetooth headsets is always the audio quality of it’s specially built microphone. The clarity of sound highly depends on the type of CSR chip fitted in the headset and is particularly essential to use for every truck driver who remain in noisy surroundings. Now, you don’t want your loved ones or friends to sound distorted because of technological problems, right?

  • Connectivity 

The purpose of getting a great Bluetooth headset for the truck driver is to stay connected without hassles or wires. As a matter of fact, stable connection will ensure easy usage and excellent audio quality. Besides these things, you want good range of connection that will help you to stay connected at first place with the device even if you have to step out of the truck for a while.

  • Noise Cancellation

The background noise reduction feature is yet another important factor of a high quality Bluetooth headset. Ambient sounds like noisy cars, or even the wind, can be really loud and disrupt your calls, even if you pull over to take them. Use of background noise cancellation technology in these products can block up to 96% percent of these sounds so that you can enjoy your talks that are free from screeches and honks.

  • Comfort

Since you’ll be the user who demands to wear the headsets for long hours while driving on road, the categories of in-ear headset are usually a better choice in comparison of over-ear ones. Such bluetooth headsets for truckers will be light, small in size and free from any sorts of discomfort. Bulky headsets won’t be stable or secure one and need re-adjustments. Use of such headsets while driving vehicles or talking to someone on phone can be unpleasant for your ear.

  • Warranty

It is a good idea to buy the Bluetooth headset that comes with the warranty, as you would want to use it, preferably for multiple years.

  • Headset’s Voice Command Feature 

An awesome microphone isn’t just enough for a headphone, to be the best. If Bluetooth headphone settings has a voice control feature, it will allow truckers to continue driving on road and use the device at the same time, without moving one hand from the steering wheel. Basically, the voice control is probably the best feature that you need in order to keep your hands completely free while you’re on the road. Infact, many of the Bluetooth headsets for truckers support Cortana, Siri and Google voice assistants.

  • Battery Life

While driving endlessly, you’ll want a headset with excellent battery life that can accompany you 24 hours round. You won’t frequently come across gas stations or eateries to plugin the USB to charge the device. So, pick a Bluetooth headset with a battery life that supports talk time of at least 6 hours with several hours of standby support with a single charge. Such type of headsets with an extended battery life can last for 24 hours of handling cell phone calls and letting one listen to music and use it while on an endless road, with one-time hassle-free USB charging.

  • Price

It is essential to take a look at the price tag when you’re a user, buying a headset. The more advanced its features, the higher will be the price tag.


So, now you know the features to look for while buying bluetooth headsets for truck drivers. Act like a Pro and get used to proper selection! Consider your budget, battery levels, needs and the time you’re going to be on the road, too. You can also pay attention to additional features in your bluetooth headset such as one that supports voice assistants like Google, Cortana, Siri etc. The use of right & impressive Bluetooth headphones will keep you safe in the end as you take every call from home, going hands-free while driving on the road without distractions on your way!

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