Does Having A Dashcam lower insurance costs

Dashcams are becoming increasingly important for today’s drivers. If you want a sure-fire way to benefit from lower insurance costs, then you need to install a dashcam. A dashcam will work on private or commercial vehicles to reduce accidents, improve your safety record, and save on insurance costs.

Insurance companies may vary in how they offer reduced premiums or other rewards for installing a dashcam in your vehicle. You can still benefit from lower premium costs if you provide evidence of your actions when accidents occur. Besides, you may be able to access any no-claim discounts for maintaining a clean driving record. Dashcam footage can also clear you of any fault and avoid expensive payouts and higher premiums in the future.

Does having a dashcam lower insurance costs? Here are some practical ways to guide you.


Prompt claim settlements

Installing a dashcam is a useful tool in providing evidence to support insurance claims when accidents occur. By providing information from your dashcam, the footage will settle any issues causing delays or contention.


Insurance settlements can take months or sometimes years when disputes arise. Using a dash cam can also help settle your claims in the shortest possible time, thereby saving on out-of-pocket settlements.

The evidence from the dashcam provides reliable information to support the claims of opposing parties. It also reduces the time it takes to settle disputes between yourself and the other drivers involved in the accident.


With a dashcam, you can offer important information about the time, location, the parties involved, and how the accident occurred. The footage reduces the time and costs involved in settling insurance claims and any legal issues over who is responsible.

Provide a safety record

Building a safety record is essential to help keep your insurance costs lower. Your dashcam is a valuable piece of equipment in ensuring that you practice good safety habits. Any information to prove you are a safe, responsible driver can help lower insurance costs.


We all know how our annual premiums can increase when we experience accidents during the year. By submitting your safety record, it helps to lower your insurance premiums. Dashcam evidence can offer significant support to prove your role in accidental disputes and assist in fair judgments.

Alternatively, if there are no claims, you may gain any rewards for a safe record.


Practicing defensive driving is one way to ensure you keep your insurance costs low during the year. Therefore, keeping a record of your driving habits can help you pinpoint areas for improving your safety standards. You can see habits and attitudes you can change to reduce accidents and injury. In these ways, a clean driving record or evidence proving your innocence in accidents can save on your insurance costs.

Protects against fraud

Proving insurance fraud is another with of using your dashcam on your vehicle to support your claim. Studies show that billions of dollars go out every year for fraudulent insurance claims. With your dashcam, you can disprove any false claims that may arise.

The dashcam will also show if someone deliberately caused an accident to make a fraudulent claim. You will have the evidence to support your part and how the accident occurred. Dashcams can lower insurance costs since you’ll benefit from fewer claims against you.

Everyone benefits

Everyone suffers when insurance companies spend large sums of monies settling fraudulent cases. In many cases, overall insurance premiums tend to increase, and everybody shares in paying higher premiums.

Supportive dashcam evidence helps insurance companies recoup some of the costs paid out in false claims. Several companies reward their customers with savings on lower premiums and other benefits by saving on fraudulent cases.

Provide a good argument for benefits

You can save on insurance costs by presenting your safety record when renewing annual premiums. Having a safety log from your dashcam can provide your insurance company with evidence-based reasons for benefits. You can receive incentives for practicing road safety and experiencing fewer incidents.

No-claim discounts can lower your annual insurance premiums significantly and save on expensive repairs and legal costs. Having fewer accidents will demonstrate you are serious about safety. As you improve driving practices and attitudes, you also reduce accidents and pay lower premiums.

Assist in malicious damage claims

Apart from roadside accidents, having a dashcam also saves by providing evidence of malicious damage to your vehicle. If you experience a break-in or deliberate damage, collisions, or theft, proving it to your insurance is essential. The footage from your dashcam can support any damage to your vehicle when you were not behind the wheel.

In many instances, if you park your car or you’re away for any length of time, you need protection. In many instances, people fail to leave any information about how to contact you to settle claims. However, with a dash cam on your vehicle, you can have the information to support your claim with the insurance company.

Claims for natural perils

During off-hours keeping your dashcam will also prove useful. It can record any freak accidents or acts of nature that affect your vehicle when you’re away. For example, if a nearby tree or pole falls on your vehicle or there’s flooding or fire damage. The dashcam will have the evidence and support your claim with the insurance company. Without evidence, you may need to pay for the expenses on your own.

Handling traffic tickets

When you get a traffic ticket, evidence from your dash can save costs if the charges are unfair. Dashcam footage in the case of a ticket claim can save you the time and the costs to settle that ticket. Studies also show you can reduce insurance rates between 15 to 20% if evidence proves you didn’t deserve the ticket.

Lower premiums for new drivers

If you are a new driver, you can also lower your insurance costs using a dash camera. Research shows most insurance companies charge a higher rate for new drivers between 16 and 22 years. The high incidence of accidents among this age group will increase insurance costs.

Therefore, if you are a new driver, using a dashcam can provide a safety record of your driving practices. Careless driving practices or unnecessary accidents or injuries can increase insurance costs. Proving evidence on how you apply brakes, handle turns, and manage speed are essential in reducing insurance costs.

Your dash cam also monitors how you maneuver in challenging situations, switch lanes, and your attitude when incidents occur. It also proves how often you run a red light. If you can’t produce any of this evidence during the year, chances are your insurance company can keep your premiums at a higher rate.

Reap rewards

Any incentive for safe driving practices will significantly reduce your insurance premiums and motivate you to drive safely. Overall, using a dashcam on your vehicle helps improve your safety habits while driving.  Protecting yourself and other road users from unnecessary accidents or injury also ensure your overall coverage will not increase.


Having a dashcam can lower insurance costs by applying a few practical steps when driving. Using a dash camera can hold you responsible for your safety practices and driving attitude. The evidence from your dashcam also offers precise information to settle claims and prove innocence or guilt promptly.

Installing a dashcam can help reduce your insurance costs by providing timely footage when off-road incidents occur. Your dashcam is your best ally if you experience a theft or any malicious damage, or legal challenges,. The footage can hold others responsible for any damage to your vehicle.